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About Maragogi

The city of Maragogi It is one of the most beautiful cities on the northeast coast and in the state of Alagoas.

Along with other cities in the surroundings, Maragogi is part of the Costa dos Corais, an environmental protection area that runs along 120 km of the coast. 

With many beaches with warm waters and natural pools, the region is ideal for those seeking rest. Check out how to enjoy the city.

Frequently Asked Questions Maragogi

As the city of Maragogi is small, you can get around on foot. Now if you want to know more freely and more comfortably, maybe renting a car is a good idea.
Despite being hot throughout the year, it is necessary to consider the rainfall and the tide table. The months between October and January are the ones with the least rain.
Among the most beautiful beaches we can mention Praia de Xaréu, Praia de Maragogi, Barra Grande, Caminho de Moisés and Praia de Antunes.
Among the accommodation options, you will find inns and hotels on the main beach of the city, in addition to Salinas Maragogi, elected the best resort in Brazil.
Because it is a small place, the city of Maragogi is geared towards activities at sea. A good option is to visit the natural beaches and the buggy ride.
Among the options for those who want to enjoy the city of Maragogi at night, we can mention the Mirante de Maragogi to see the sunset and night dives around a sailboat.
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No prior experience required and in just one weekend, you can become an internationally accredited diver. Learn more about our courses.

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