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There are only 60km from Salvador, the city of Morro de Sao Paulo It is perfect for those who seek to relax, experience the Bahian seasoning and enjoy the paradisiacal beaches. 

In addition, the city, despite being small, is full of charm and known for a vibrant nightlife. 

Perfect for all styles, Morro de São Paulo is without a doubt the ideal trip to enjoy your vacation. See how to explore this little piece of Brazil and all Morro de São Paulo tours.

Frequently Asked Questions Morro de Sao Paulo

In the months of March and August, the days get warmer, the probability of rain is low and the sea is at a better temperature.
As it is not very big, the best place to stay is in the center. This is where the inns, restaurants and shops are located.
The beaches in the city of Morro de São Paulo are called first, second, third, fourth and fifth beach. In addition to them, there are some around the city such as Praia de Gambia and Praia de Garapuá.
In addition to the beaches, you can choose to take a boat ride, the tour around the island, a canoe ride and visit the Morro de São Paulo Lighthouse.
The options to enjoy the nightlife are to have dinner by candlelight on the second beach and stroll through the center, passing by Praça Aureliano Lima.
To get to know the city of Morro de São Paulo the recommended minimum is 4 days. This time is ideal to get to know some beaches and do one or two tours.
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