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There are several types of diving that require different levels of experience and certifications. However, in baptism diving and discovery diving, there is no need for experience or previous contact with diving.

This is a very common and curious question, but you don't need to know to dive. Diving equipment is more than a simple vest, with which it is possible to have full control of buoyancy. In addition, beginners in diving are always accompanied by certified instructors.

The official minimum age for a child to have their first diving experience is 8 years old. For certification courses, it takes 10 years. There is no maximum age limit for diving.

There is no need to take a course to perform your first dive, this being in the baptism modality.

Diving can continue to be carried out even on rainy days, as it does not directly affect the dive. If the operator assesses on the day that the weather (whether wind, rain or tide) may impact the safety and quality of the dive, we will reschedule together with the client or refund the amount.

Diving is a very peaceful sport, but it remains a sport and requires some attention. If all good practices and precautions are followed, diving is considered one of the safest adventure sports in the world.

Baptism diving is a modality for beginners, without the need for experience and full accompaniment of an instructor.
Accredited diving are dives that require a diving certification.
Diving course is the process of acquiring a diving certification.

For diving, 3mm to 5mm neoprene wetsuits are provided, which maintains body heat and temperature. 

We accept payments in Pix and credit card in cash or in up to 6 installments.

Yes, our system is fully integrated through our website. By completing the online reservation, your spot will be guaranteed and you will receive all the necessary information via email automatically.

Clinical pictures of heart disease, respiratory diseases, convulsions and diabetes treated with insulin can make diving impossible, consult a specialized doctor. It is not recommended to dive with flu, colds or nasal congestion. Pregnant women cannot dive.

Value referring to people who do not want to dive but want to accompany divers. You are entitled to a boat trip and snorkeling.

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