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Tours in Buzios

About Búzios

Almost two hours from Rio de Janeiro, the city of Buzios it is the destination of many families during the school holidays. 

Known for being a famous meeting point for divers and surfers, Búzios carries an absurd variety of culture and entertainment.  

Full of beaches, cozy inns and gastronomy geared towards fishing, Búzios is the place to forget about your problems and enjoy life.

Frequently Asked Questions Búzios

In the months of April and May. At this time it is possible to combine the mild temperatures with the low season, where there are not many people and low prices.
With more than 26 beautiful beaches, the most visited by tourists are: Praia Azeda, Praia da Tartaruga, Praia Brava, Praia de Geribá and Praia Ferradurinha.
You can get to know the city in 3 to 4 days. This period is enough to visit the main tourist attractions, take one or two tours and enjoy the nightlife.
The best area to stay is downtown. This is because from there it is possible to enjoy some beaches, the nightlife and visit the shops in the region. But if you are looking for a point further away, but with infrastructure, Praia da Ferradura is an option.
If you have little time, in addition to the amazing beaches, you can choose to go to Rua das Pedras in the center, visit Orla Bardot, and go for a swim in the best region of the city of Búzios: Ilha da Âncora.
One of the best options is Rua das Pedras. The place is full of restaurants, bars and clubs for all tastes. Another option to enjoy the city of Búzios is Orla Bardot, where you can find many options of bars.
Baptism Dive in Arvoredo Island

Certification courses in Buzios

No prior experience required and in just one weekend, you can become an internationally accredited diver. Learn more about our courses.

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