Fortaleza scuba diving for beginners

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Fortaleza scuba diving for beginners

Your first dive in Fortaleza is that memorable experience that you will tell all your friends and your grandchildren in a few years. Ready to live this adventure?

About your scuba diving in Fortaleza

Meeting point

Fortaleza City Pier

Average duration of 4 hours

Departure options at 8 am. Being 40 minutes of diving at 8m, being able to snorkel in free time.

free cancellation

Reschedule or cancel up to 48 hours in advance and get a full refund.

In case of unfavorable weather

We cancel the departure in advance, reschedule or refund the amount.

Payment in up to 3 installments without interest or 12 installments

Pay in 3x interest free or 12x with small fees with a credit card, pix or international card. 

Guarantee the best day for you

Book in advance – Reservations must be made by 6pm the day before.

we speak your language

Portuguese and Spanish.

Cylinder Dive (R$320)
✓Full equipment
✓Training and instructor follow-up
✓Snorkel (surface diving)
✓Water and snacks on board

Companion + Snorkel (R$100)
✓Full snorkel gear
✓Snorkel (surface diving)

In the diving experience in Maceió in the baptism modality, you will have the opportunity to know the most beautiful spots to dive in the region without needing any previous experience, not even knowing how to swim.

Come dive with us!


Pay only 20% to book, the rest can be paid on the day only.

Common questions

To dive you don't need any previous experience, not even know how to swim! During the baptism dive, the accredited instructor stays with you, ensuring safety and higher quality for your tour.

You don't need to know anything to scuba dive for the first time. 
The diving equipment has its own buoyancy system and you will also be accompanied by an instructor 100% of the time.

The official minimum age for a child to have their first diving experience is 10 years old, the same age for taking certification courses. There is no maximum age limit for diving.

Diving is a very peaceful sport, but it remains a sport and requires some attention. If all good practices and precautions are followed, diving is considered one of the safest adventure sports in the world.

Baptism diving is a modality for beginners, with no need for experience and full monitoring by an instructor.
Accredited diving are dives that require a diving certification.
Diving course is the process of acquiring a diving certification.

Clinical conditions of heart and respiratory diseases, convulsions and diabetes treated with insulin can make diving impossible, consult a specialized doctor. Diving with flu, colds, nasal congestion or eardrum perforation is not recommended. Pregnant women cannot dive.

Sure! There is a separate fee for companions. Clicking on “Consult Agenda”, select the option “companion + snorkel”, as a gift, complete equipment to perform the snorkel (surface diving) is offered.

Yes, our system is fully integrated through our website. By completing the online reservation, your spot is already guaranteed and you will receive all the necessary information via email at the same time.

For diving, 3mm or 5mm neoprene wetsuits are provided to maintain heat and body temperature. 

We always seek to work with our best value, since very competitive in the market given the quality of service offered, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified and accredited instructors.
Even for large groups this is the value we practice. We also offer differentiated payment conditions, being able to up to 3 installments without interest your dive.

We have diving suits for people weighing up to 110kg to 130kg. It will depend on the dive site, consult us on whatsapp.

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Confused about the quality of the experience?

There are more than 150 positive reviews on Google!

Discover the full experience in detail

Diving Fortaleza – Dive Point: Coast of Fortaleza

On the coast of the capital of Ceará are the most sought after spots by divers with more aptitude, since the depth of the sea exceeds 20 meters. 

In addition to its crystal clear waters, the Diving in Fortaleza it has a great variety of marine fauna, with a wealth of life and a blue immensity to be explored.

The most popular diving point is Pedra da Risca do Meio, as it has one of the largest reefs in extension, approximately 1,000 meters and the most varied marine animals are highlighted in the underwater scenario. 

Fortaleza Diving Experience at Pedra da Risca do Meio Marine State Park

Departing from Porto Mucuripe, the boats take about 50 minutes to travel the 18 km until they reach the diving point of Pedra da Risca do Meio. 

There they are faced with a strong blue and a visibility that varies between 15 to 30 meters. 

When underwater, the ecosystems catch the attention of divers, as there are a variety of colorful and ornamental fish in their rock formations. 

To escape the common tourism that is limited only to the sand of the beach, having an experience amidst the corals of Pedra da Risca do Meio is the right way to live an adventure. 

As much as there are shipwrecks throughout the marine park, rock formations and a variety of animals, the most recommended thing is to have an instructor guiding you at the dive site. 

The Dive in Fortaleza allows a closer relationship between marine species and tourists who seek to understand the importance of preserving and caring for the local ecosystem.   

At the Pedra da Risca do Meio diving point, on the coast of Fortaleza, it allows for a broader and more satisfying experience of scuba diving at different depths.

So, let's go diving?

Scuba diver = Number of people who will go scuba diving.

Companion+Snorkel = Number of people who will only accompany you on the boat with the right to snorkel equipment.
(does not include scuba diving)

Boat escort = Number of people who will only accompany you on the boat.
(does not include diving)

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