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Among the destinations most sought after by people from São Paulo is the city of Ubatuba. Located on the north coast of São Paulo, the place is surrounded by tropical forest.

With options for all tastes, the region has beaches that are among the most famous in the country.

In addition, it is possible to find options for ecological trails and waterfalls in Ubatuba. Check all Ubatuba tours on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions Ubatuba

The best time to visit Ubatuba is between April and September, as the chances of rain are lower.
For family trips, the best option is the center and the south region. For those looking for places with natural beaches and away from shops and restaurants, the north of the city is a good idea.
Among the best known beaches in the city of Ubatuba, we can mention Praia de Itamanbuca, Praia Grande, Tenório, Maranduba, Lagoinha and Lázaro.
With more than 100 beaches spread along the coast, there are options for the family and for those looking for a quieter place, as well as one with more activity, as is the case of Praia do Lázaro.
In addition to the beaches, there are many cool options to do in the city of Ubatuba. Some of them are: boat trip on Ilha das Couves; schooner tour in Saco da Ribeira; visit to the Castle of the Heralds and diving in Anchieta Island.
It's not just sunshine that the city of Ubatuba is made of. For those who want to enjoy it to the fullest, there are options. One of them is Rua Guarani, which offers from bars and restaurants to street stalls.
Baptism Dive in Arvoredo Island

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