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About Cabo Frio

The chosen destination for those looking for beautiful beaches, the city of Cabo Frio is the largest city in the Lagos Region. 

Close to Arraial do Cabo, the city has great hotels, restaurants and inns.

In addition, the region is perfect for water sports, such as surfing and diving, for example. 

Are you thinking about going to Cabo Frio? Here you can see the best tips to enjoy your trip and make it unforgettable. 

Frequently Asked Questions Cabo Frio

Full of green and paradisiacal scenery, the city of Cabo Frio pleases all tastes. In addition to the beaches, you can tour the historic center and neighborhoods with restaurants and bars to enjoy the nightlife.
If you are looking to relax and enjoy a few days, you can visit special places, such as Forte de São Mateus, Praça das Águas, Ilha dos Papagaios and Praia do Peró.
Praia das Conchas has several kiosks, as well as a trail that leads to the tip of the two hills. There is also Praia das Dunas, Praia do Foguete and Ilha do Japonês.
The city is full of tourists all year round. Between March and June, the city goes through the low season, with crystal clear waters and perfect for those who want a dip.
There are several places to spend little in the city of Cabo Frio. The Mirante do Forte is a good option, in addition to Morro do Arpoador, the Itajurú Channel and Praia do Foguete.
The best options for hotels and inns are in the Center, Praia do Forte, Bairro da Passagem and Praia das Dunas.
Baptism Dive in Arvoredo Island

Certification courses in Cabo Frio

No prior experience required and in just one weekend, you can become an internationally accredited diver. Learn more about our courses.

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