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Tours in Bombinhas

About Bombinhas

Located in Santa Catarina, the city of Bombinhas, together with Porto Belo, forms the only peninsula in the south of the country.

The region is formed by beaches, viewpoints, islands, coasts and coves. In addition, it has mountains lined by the Atlantic forest.

With several options for tours, the city of Bombinhas is a good choice for those looking for sun and beach. Let's venture into this Brazilian Caribbean?

Frequently Asked Questions Bombs

The best time to visit the region is between the end of February and April. At that time you will find the weather stable and the city less crowded.
It is possible to travel by car, motorcycle or bus. But you have to pay a fee in high season (between November and April). Since 2014, the city has charged an environmental preservation fee at the entrance to the city.
If you are looking for good hotels, the best options are on the beaches of Bombinhas and Bombas. For those who want something more romantic, the coves of Canto Grande and Mariscal are great options.
Bombinhas beach is suitable for swimming because of the calm waters. For those who enjoy diving, Praia de Sepultura is ideal. Other options are the beaches of Quatro Ilhas and Conceição.
There are great options for tours in the city of Bombinhas. Some of them are Morro do Macaco, Ilha do Arvoredo (one of the best diving spots in the country) and snorkeling on the beaches of Embrulho or Lagoinha.
A good itinerary option is to enjoy the Mirante Eco trail and have lunch in Canto Grande
Baptism Dive in Arvoredo Island

Certification courses in Bombinhas

No prior experience required and in just one weekend, you can become an internationally accredited diver. Learn more about our courses.

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