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Destination for lovers of marine life, the city of Abrolhos in the south of Bahia is made up of five islands.

Cradle of Brazil's humpback whales, Abrolhos is a great choice for both professional divers and snorkelers.

For those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is the perfect place. The tours in Abrolhos are breathtaking and will leave memories for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions Abrolhos

The abrolhos can be visited throughout the year, but from December to April the waters are at a more pleasant temperature and with greater visibility, which makes it ideal for diving.
To get to Abrolhos, you need to take a boat from Caravelas, the closest city to the archipelago.
Although you can stay only 1 day, the recommended is at least two. That's because from Caravelas to the city of Abrolhos it takes almost 3 hours to travel, so if you choose to take a day trip you may not be able to enjoy that much.
Everything will revolve around marine life. You will be able to scuba dive, snorkel, spot whales, admire the chapeirões (giant reef structure), warn rare species of seabirds.
The visibility of the water is better between the months of December to March. However, it is possible to see the humpback whale between July and November depending on the tour you are going to take.
For those who just go snorkeling (recreational diving) it may not seem worth the trip. But there are many cool spots with amazing scenery. Even night dives happen
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