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Become an accredited diver in just 4 days and dive anywhere in the world.
Ilhabela Scuba Diving Shipwreck

Ready to live the biggest adventures of your life in the marine world? As an accredited dive, you will have all the theoretical and practical knowledge to explore the underwater universe, autonomously, anywhere in the world.

About your Ilhabela Diving Certification course.

What is included in the course?

Theoretical classes, practice in the pool and 4 dives in the sea.

Course learnings

Main knowledge of the diving world, equipment and practical techniques.

Diving certification duration

4 days, being 2 of theory and pool and 2 of diving in the sea.

Are the dates flexible?

Yea! It can be scheduled according to your availability.

Where will the course be held?

Theoretical classes at school and open sea dives

Pay in up to 3x without interest or 12x​

Pay in 3x interest free or 12x with small fees with a credit card, pix or international card. 

Diving course steps

1st day

Theoretical Classes - necessary knowledge to perform scuba diving.

2nd day

Practical classes in a swimming pool (confined water), in which the necessary skills will be trained to perform scuba diving safely and with fun.

Diver in Ilhabela

3rd day and 4th day

Review of theory and practical classes at sea, in which skills learned in the pool will be trained.

Benefits of being a certified diver

Dive anywhere in the world

The certification has international recognition.

Lifetime diver's card

Become a certified diver for life.

Dive up to 18 meters with confidence

Gain autonomy to dive alone wherever you are.

Enjoy every dive for less

Included 4 full dives during the course.

Frequently Asked Questions Diving Course

To dive, you don't need any previous experience, not even knowing how to swim.
However, the diving course allows you to perform dives with greater freedom, longer and deeper.

Diving is a very peaceful sport, but it remains a sport and requires some attention. If all good practices and precautions are followed, diving is considered one of the safest adventure sports in the world.

– Minimum 10 years old for Junior Open Water Diver; – 15 years old for Open Water Diver; – Know how to swim and feel comfortable in the water; – Is in favorable health conditions to carry out the dives.

– Dives up to 18 meters deep in the open sea – Technical and practical knowledge for preparing and managing diving equipment on land and at sea; – Basic technical and theoretical knowledge about risk situations during diving; – Basic technical and theoretical knowledge about open sea diving – Theoretical knowledge about the effect of diving on the body and the physics applied to diving

– Complete digital teaching material (with videos and review questions); – Online theoretical review class; – General knowledge review on the first face-to-face day; – Practical swimming pool / confined water classes; – Sea Lessons (4 Certification Dives); – All necessary equipment for training and completion of the course; – International Digital Certification (available on the App and Computer) – Optional printed certification

We always seek to work with our best value, since very competitive in the market given the quality of service offered, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified and accredited instructors.
We also offer differentiated payment conditions, up to 3 installments without interest your diving and diving course.


For over 45 years, SSI has provided training, diving certification and educational resources to divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world. Beginning in 1970, SSI has expanded to include over 30 Service Centers, is represented in over 110 countries with over 2800 international locations, and has printed materials in over 30 languages. SSI is a trusted name in the diving world and we attribute our success to our principled teaching standards and focused methodology.

Confused about the quality of the experience?

There are more than 150 positive reviews on Google!


International and lifetime certification
R$ 2347
  • High quality full course
  • Didactic material for study
  • Practical classes in the pool
  • 04 Checkout Dives at sea
  • Equipment included for execution
  • International and lifetime certification
  • Pre and post course support
limited offer

Attention: Check the availability of dates via Whatsapp before making the reservation.

Scuba diver = Number of people who will go scuba diving.

Companion+Snorkel = Number of people who will only accompany you on the boat with the right to snorkel equipment.
(does not include scuba diving)

Boat escort = Number of people who will only accompany you on the boat.
(does not include diving)

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