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About Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is located on the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro and is ideal for holidays and shorter periods.

With its white sands and full of marine life, in addition to trails, this is a great option for those looking to venture out and relax at the same time.

Being the perfect destination for your trip, it will be a must to know all the experiences and tours that Ilha Grande has to offer.

Ilha Grande FAQ

To get there, you need to take a boat. There are three points from which it is possible to go to the island: Conceição de Jacareí, Mangaratiba or Angra dos Reis.
Among the fastest options are boat and schooner rides, the second being the cheapest. There are also ways to go hiking to get to know the Island.
Between the months of April and June is the ideal time to visit the Island. In addition to stable temperatures, the chances of rain are lower and less agitation.
Among the options, the most popular in Ilha Grande are Praia Dos Meros, Praia dos Dois Rios, Praia do Aventureiro and Praia Lopes Mendes.
The best option is in Vila do Abraão. With several routes departing from there, this option is the most chosen among tourists, as it is where hotels, restaurants and handicraft fairs are located.
The minimum to enjoy the options of trails, tours and beaches that Ilha Grande offers is 3 days. It is possible to make a shorter stay, but it will be a little more busy.
Baptism Dive in Arvoredo Island

Ilha Grande certification courses

No prior experience required and in just one weekend, you can become an internationally accredited diver. Learn more about our courses.

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